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Help for Heroes®

Supporting Those Who Serve.

It takes strength to get help.

If you are active duty military, a veteran, or a first responder, you know you have strength to do what it takes. Maybe you also know that men and women in uniform often don’t get the mental health treatment they need, when they need it.

We want to change that.

Help for Heroes® provides treatment and therapy specifically geared for people who routinely face trauma, physical and mental stress, and life-threatening situations. We offer many paths to recovery, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) treatment, substance abuse treatment, and medication management.

But our programs are a lot more than that. They’re a chance to connect with others who are learning to cope with similar circumstances.

What Is Help for Heroes®?

We are a dedicated treatment program designed to serve the mental health and substance abuse needs of active duty and retired military personnel, veterans, first responders, and other high-risk frontline professionals.

Within these groups, we see individuals who have their own unique experiences. And yet, they share some things in common.

Kevin Zimmerman, National Director of Outreach for Help for Heroes® and retired US Army, details his substance abuse challenges and journey to healing.

Oklahoma City Firefighter Chris Fields describes his experience with treatment in the aftermath of the Oklahoma City bombing.

Mental illness doesn’t just hurt you — it can hurt others around you. People in uniform often struggle with challenges at work and at home, which can lead to employment and legal problems, even suicidal thoughts and behaviors.

What We Treat

Although the structure of your treatment may look similar to a civilian program, Help for Heroes® specifically addresses trauma-related symptoms and mental illnesses that are triggered by experiencing terrifying or dangerous events. Services we offer include PTSD treatment for veterans and others, counseling for first responders to help them stay effective on the job, and treatment for mental illnesses like bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, and substance abuse.

How You’ll Be Treated

First and foremost, you will be treated with dignity and respect.

You will be an active participant in your treatment plan from day one. Following a mental health assessment with our staff, we’ll recommend a plan, and together we will determine your best course of action. This may include inpatient treatment or outpatient treatment, depending on the level of care you need.

Inpatient Treatment

Inpatient treatment is designed for people who need 24-hour medical care, which may include medically assisted detox. People who are in crisis or who pose a danger to themselves or to others may benefit most from inpatient treatment. Your treatment plan will be customized to your needs and goals, and will include individual and group therapy focused on topics that are relevant to you.

Outpatient Treatment

We offer a number of services through outpatient care, including military PTSD treatment, rehabilitation for service men and women who are addicted to drugs or alcohol, and programs for people suffering from traumatic brain injury (TBI). In group sessions, you’ll have the chance to talk about topics like grief and loss, complex trauma, isolation, and suicidal thoughts. If outpatient services are right for you, you may be recommended for our partial hospitalization program (PHP) or an intensive outpatient program (IOP). Both of these treatment options provide skill-building and problem-solving therapy, peer-to-peer support, and medication management.

Our evidence-based approach involves a combination of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), expressive therapy, wellness education, uniform-specific support groups, and recreational therapy. All of these techniques have been shown to be effective when working with active military, veterans, and first responders.

From the beginning of treatment, we’ll also help you make plans for the next step in your recovery, whether that’s stepping down from inpatient to outpatient treatment, or if you’re starting your recovery as an outpatient. Our Help for Heroes® program was developed in compliance with Department of Defense guidelines for military treatment and is TRICARE certified.*

*TRICARE is a military healthcare system that provides benefits to active-duty U.S. military and reserve members, military veterans, and their families. TRICARE offers comprehensive health coverage options, including benefits for mental health treatment. For more information, visit

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There's Hope. There's Help.

You’ve experienced the trauma, and you’re struggling with emotions or memories that won’t go away. Now it’s time to get help.

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